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There may be a reason to write the way Jackson Pollock painted, but it’s not in the B2B and B2C communications realm. Notions expressed by your writers and content creators should flow in a logical sequence.

Real-World Value-Add
Known for raising the bar, I’ve dealt with an extraordinary variety of requirements and issues an enterprise like yours faces every day. Among other varied projects, I’ve been the entire editorial/layout/production team of a monthly Windows PC journal, and had a multi-year role documenting Hewlett Packard’s EAI supply chain software in HTML.

As the marketing communications director for a statistical software/services concern and later a medical imaging device startup, I was the writer, layout artist, and publisher of user manuals and IFUs, respectively. Over 100 of my copyedits were published in three Microsoft user manuals after having been chosen from a pool of 8,000 to be a technical editor. And I’ve been a copyeditor for a Que software book about CorelDRAW!, the popular vector graphics application.

Donning marketing strategist, copywriter, and graphic artist hats, I won advertising awards when promoting my own CAD/desktop publishing computer consultancy via direct mail and a B2B magazine. Quickly picking up the jargon, prior to that I was a publishers rep for trade magazines covering such topics as international shipping and oil & gas exploration. That let me leverage my earlier experience as both a radio and newspaper ad salesperson/copywriter.

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I remain very grateful for those and the many other diverse opportunities I’ve had during my 25+ year career. All of this equates to my likely having a unique insight regarding your business communications needs. But my being able to view them from the point of view of your clients/prospects/readers is of even greater value to your enterprise.

Known for raising the bar and pulling rabbits out of hats, I always strive to provide exceptional value to my clients, hence their eagerness to recommend me—even as they move to other companies. Often I’m able to suggest process improvements that potentially result in cost-reduction or gains in workflow efficiency.

Topics & Readership
Being extraordinarily diverse, I’ve worked on outward-facing collateral for everything from shale exploration to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and from x-ray-based sulfur detectors to $1M variable frequency drives. Today I edit scientific papers for a medical qualitative image analysis entity, provide varied editorial services to three cloud security firms, and perform ancillary copywriting while proofreading direct mail for a well-known health care entity—among other projects.

Eigen Artemis brochure Designer, copywriter, and producer of Eigen marketing collateral set, IFU, and instructional video.

For a medical robotics concern I update its IFUs (using Adobe InDesign) and create redlines (PDFs) for FDA-mandated document control. As with others, I’ve been able to offer methods by which the company can potentially streamline its processes and reduce costs.

Then there is a current paint and coatings market analysis that targets a global business readership. The specialty chemicals consultancy charged with its creation had several authors. Going beyond my initial assignment of single-voice unification, the 400-pp. report required substantive editing, complex reformatting, large-scale table manipulation, and PDF conversion—in addition to compilation of its cover, table of contents, and nineteen chapters.

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I’m accustomed to working with executives, project managers, product marketing managers, engineers, and subject matter experts to meet tight deadlines. Leveraging my skills as a technical writer, marketing person, content creator, and user experience (UX) advocate, at different times I’m a substantive editor, line editor, author, copywriter, ghostwriter, proofreader, and graphic layout artist.

As a value-add proposition, I ride for the brand—yours. In effect I become a trusted extension of your staff—without your organization having to take on another employee compensation package. Having chosen me from over 65 EFA candidates in 2014 to assist Imperva’s content creation team each month, marketing author and information security VP Tim Matthews confirms this (below).

For you and your organization I’m able to create, edit, lay out, and proofread all types of documents, manuals, marketing collateral, and web content for audiences ranging from physicians to engineers, CTOs to CIOs, developers to operators, and end users across many B2B/B2C realms.

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Following in the footsteps of my forebears as an autodidact—plus having the Renaissance mind of an engineer, lawyer, and artist—I’m a fifth-generation family member to work in the US publishing realm. I can instantly spot a typo, for which the revered author of Business Writing in the Digital Age thanked me when I discreetly notified her of a glaring mistake on her website. (Studies show that even a single error in online content can cause your readers to lose faith and click and click away.)

Through the years people have frequently commented that I write just like people speak. In view of the Plain Writing Act of 2010, that is indeed a compliment. Here I agree with Harvard linguist Steven Pinker that the “curse of knowledge” results in much bad writing.

Knowing that much has been debunked since Miss Thistlebottom taught us “the rules” (e.g., never split infinitives), I strive to be a good steward of the English language while keeping an eye on changing trends. Therefore my style follows that of William Zinsser and the inimitable Sgt. Joe Friday (“Just the facts, ma’am”)—coupled with a bit of David Ogilvy as appropriate.

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I enjoy coaching aspiring business writers how to hone their craft (yes, writing is a craft) while I edit their work. Along with considering an author’s argument, logic, organization, and clarity/accuracy of expression, obviously good grammer ‘n’ speling count (sic). And I diligently work to stamp out, eradicate, destroy, and and otherwise abolish redundant redundancy. ;<)

In the past three years I’ve presented at Communication Central’s 12th annual Be a Better Freelancer® conference and before the Upper Hudson Valley chapter of the EFA. In addition, I’ve led an online Adobe InDesign class for the EFA.

After creating the paint and coatings report, I shared about my advanced MS Word troubleshooting in Wrangling the Word Unwieldibeast, a long-form article on LinkedIn. There I often share knowledge to assist the business community at large. I do the same in the EFA’s Freelancer bi-monthly newsletter and in several online forums.

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In what way may I provide writing, editing, design,
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As a featured seminar presenter, IT instructor, and PowerPoint master, I’ve edutained thousands from such diverse entities as Bank of America, the FBI, and Lucent. And I’ve conducted private, onsite Windows networking training sessions for Boeing, Exxon-Mobil, Sprint, Nortel, and Dow Chemical.

Member, American Copy Editors Society

Beyond praises from attendees and students, for my marketing and publishing efforts I’ve received letters of commendation from Autodesk’s (AutoCAD) marketing VP, the executive editor of Ziff-Davis’ Windows Sources magazine, and the founder of Aldus Corporation—the latter having spearheaded the electronic publishing revolution with its PageMaker software.

You can see several of my portfolio samples at these online locations:

     • Adobe Portfolio     • Google MyBusiness     • Behance     • Slideshare

Click to see a list of links for a few articles I’ve either edited or ghostwritten in recent times.

Aggie Lotz, VP, The ChemQuest Group
     Aggie Lotz

Money Talks – “Wow!” you say, “I’ll bet Chris commands a rate that is beyond my budget.” Nope. But it is commensurate with the level of commitment, passion, and excellence I put forth in the assignments you award me.

Take it from Aggie Lotz, VP of The ChemQuest Group: “Chris has a top-notch work ethic and superb substantive editing skills. He delivers on time without prompting and has a thorough grasp of editing assignments with minimal instruction. Plus, he charges a reasonable fee.”

Going well beyond an old-school resume, click my logo below to view my extensive LinkedIn profile. Borrowing from the late Paul Harvey, there you’ll find “the rest of the story…GUH-day!”

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