Christianne Go

Developmental Fiction Editor | Line Editor | Copyeditor | Proofreader | Book Doctor

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English from UC Berkeley and trained further with UC Berkeley Extension’s Professional Sequence in Editing. My primary style guide is the Chicago Manual of Style.

I specialize in copyediting character-driven novels, and I have a soft spot for genre fiction. Is your work fiction? I’m interested already.

I also edit the following nonfiction categories: self-help and personal development, business and entrepreneurship, psychology, and motivational. I can also edit creative nonfiction, memoir, biography, and essay. Other categories are definitely possible, depending on the project.

In addition, I’m available for one-on-one developmental editing, focused specifically on character development. Helping authors write compelling, believable emotional arcs is my jam, and helping writers tell their stories is my calling.

If you work with me, you have my promise that I will always treat your work with the sensitivity and care that it deserves. Every writer leaves pieces of their soul, their tears and their sweat, on the page. My job is to respect that. Moreover, my job is to protect you and your work, and to always maintain the integrity of your voice by knowing what to change and—more importantly—what to leave be.

I also promise to treat you gently; I am not here to give you grade school flashbacks. I will never take for granted the creativity or the bravery it takes to write a part of yourself to release into the wild world. I promise you will be safe with me.

Contact me, tell me what you need, and let’s work together.

Business phone: 916-800-3477

Years in the field: 13
Years freelancing: 13


Christianne Go