Christine Driver

Clever Editors

Who am I?

As co-founder of Clever Editors, I’m one half of a two-person, freelance editing team offering a personalized editing experience. Having an editing partner allows me to draw from two disciplines, English and History. I’m both university educated and trained specifically in copy and developmental editing, so I have a variety of experience to draw from.

I’ve been editing professionally for over 10 years, including an internship with an international academic journal, The Victorian Review. I’m an avid reader of literary fiction and memoir, and I like to keep my finger on the pulse of current publishing/writing trends so I can help my writers create successful books.

Why choose me?

I tailor my services to each individual writer as well as to the unique needs of each project, so the service you’ll receive is customized to suit your goals while still meeting (and exceeding!) industry standards.

Instead of offering a generic, one-size-fits-all service that stifles your writing voice or derails your creative vision, I focus on understanding YOUR ideas for the manuscript and your individual writing style. My goal is to help you refine your project into the best it can be—while always maintaining your style and vision for the book.

What do I edit?

I have experience in both fiction and nonfiction editing, including literary fiction, memoir, self-help, sci-fi/fantasy, romance, YA fiction, academic articles and statements of intent. If your project doesn’t fall into one of these categories, please feel free to reach out and ask how I can help.

To view references and recent portfolio, please visit

I’m also available just to chat about editing, answer any questions related to your manuscript, or to put together sample edits (free, of course) so you can get a sense of whether my editing style is the right fit for your needs.


Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 10


Christine Driver