Dave Pasquantonio

Hello! I’m a freelance writer and editor, a learning and development professional, and a published author. I’ve worked for financial and marketing firms as an instructor, technical writer, and instructional designer. I’ve written over a hundred newspaper columns and features as a journalist and stringer, and I’ve helped many authors achieve their dream of publication.

My freelance writing and editing services include:

  • Copy, line, and developmental editing

  • Manuscript evaluation

  • Author coaching and mentoring

  • Query letters, synopses, and agent submission packages

  • Advertising and marketing for self-published and indie authors

  • Writing and editing newspaper articles, features, and columns

I’m an expert in the Microsoft Office suite and Scrivener and will work with documents in any other format. I especially love genre projects, including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, suspense, and horror. If you’re looking for guidance on formatting your ebook or print book for publication, I use Vellum, which produces beautiful books!

Find the right partner to trust with your work and your words. Contact me for more information. Thank you!

Millis, MA

Email: milliswriter@gmail.com


Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 7


Dave Pasquantonio