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You’ve finished your novel or memoir and know you need to edit, but the idea of critically analyzing your manuscript for major developmental details seems so farfetched it may as well be in Mordor.

I get it.

In consideration of story development, relatable characters, a plot that moves, settings that come to life, and the charm of your unique voice and style (you unicorn, you!), honing your manuscript can feel a bit scary, like walking into an enormous spiderweb.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

Even Frodo Baggins had a steadfast companion and adventure servant in Samwise Gamgee.

Let’s go on an editing adventure!

You bring The Precious, your novel or memoir.

I listen to your needs, clear the cobwebs, and focus on the changes most important to story development and reader engagement. Together, we’ll transform that messy draft into the novel you dreamed of writing. When we’re done, you will publish or query with confidence.

Your adventure awaits!

Premium Services:
· Manuscript coaching
· Manuscript evaluation
· Developmental ghostwriting
· Developmental editing
· Line editing

What I Seek

I seek stories that speak to the challenges of figuring out and following one’s dreams, whether fiction or memoir. I prefer character-driven stories and look for immersive reading experiences with philosophical undertones.

Colchester, VT

Home phone: 802-839-9936

Email: FallonClark@protonmail.com


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Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 1


Fallon Clark