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Originally from a sheep-and-cattle farm in New Zealand, Fergus Hodgson is an international editor of finance, economics, and policy. He divides his time between Guatemala, the United States, and Canada, and he has almost a decade of experience in writing and editing—including prominent roles with policy institutes in North America and leadership of a startup media outlet devoted to Latin America.

His unique background makes him comfortable in both British and American English, and he has an advanced level of Spanish (DELE: B2). He has lived in eight countries and traveled to dozens more.

His own articles have appeared in the largest outlets in his native New Zealand, such as the National Business Review and the New Zealand Herald, in addition to US outlets such as Fox News and the Washington Times. He writes reviews with the Antigua Report—of which he is executive editor—and a column for the Epoch Times. His latest academic, peer-reviewed article appeared in Econ Journal Watch of George Mason University. He also hosts the weekly Gold Newsletter Podcast.

His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Boston University, a Graduate Diploma in Political Science from the University of Waikato (New Zealand), and a Certificate in Cuban Studies from the University of Miami. He travels to attend many conferences on finance and economics, with a particular interest in classical liberalism, alternative investments, and cryptocurrencies. He is studying for the CFA Level One Exam.

Business phone: +1 857 3629623

Email: fhodgson@antiguareport.com


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Years in the field: 9
Years freelancing: 2


Fergus Hodgson