Janet Dauphin

Ellipsis Editorial

Developmental and copy editor of fiction and memoir. Self-publishing.

After several years of working for a small press in Connecticut, I decided to turn my focus to freelance work and have never looked back. I love working with authors on the big picture; the ideas, characters, settings and structures that are integral to a good book. One reason I’m good at this is because I am also a creative writer and teacher of creative writing, both skills which translate well to developmental editing.

I work directly with authors to clarify their writing and ensure that all copy is consistent and correct in terms of grammar, syntax, and style. I do fact-checking when necessary, and work with proofreaders who ensure the final accuracy. I help new and experienced authors develop their ideas and turn them into a publishable final product.

In addition, I am available to assist emerging writers with all their self-publishing needs.

I live on a small farm in Northeastern Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner,” where I also farm alpacas.

Cell phone: 860-377-3016

Email: conneditor@sbcglobal.net

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Years in the field: 20
Years freelancing: 10


Janet Dauphin