Jayme Gittings

Acorn Consulting

Jayme is the principal editor for Acorn Consulting, a firm dedicated to bringing quality writing and editing services into reach for clients.

With 20 years of experience in the nitty-gritty of nonprofit communications, Jayme developed the keen editorial eye and professional maturity necessary to keep a freelance project running smoothly from beginning to end. Jayme has worked in-house and as a consultant on a broad range of communications projects, including federal and private grants, research papers, print collateral, and web content. Along the way, she also received a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, with an advanced certificate in health law. She is currently expanding her skill base with a Professional Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago, the home of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Acorn is eager to work with manuscripts in: fiction (literary, contemporary, female-voice, memoir, suspense/thriller, crime); short stories; nonfiction (nonprofit, politics, social sciences, parenting, psychology, self help, law and health); academic pursuits in similar areas; and nonprofit sector projects.

Acorn provides a uniquely personal and focused client experience, taking on only projects that match well with our expertise and capacity. All clients can expect a highly professional experience and sample edits are available upon request.

While serious about words, Jayme finds time to be very real and really quirky. She and her partner are raising two glorious monsters (aged 8 and 10) outside of Philadelphia. She spends an inappropriate amount of time outside at state parks hiking and running with (after?) the kids and two labradoodles. They have crafted a small zoo at home that houses a bearded dragon, a hamster, and one very bossy Flemish Giant free-roam rabbit named Buns. When she is not juggling her passion for writing and editing and going to school, she trains for ultra running trail races, in which she runs When she is not juggling her passion for writing and editing, she trains for ultra distance trail races.

Downingtown, PA

Email: jayme@acornandyou.com


Years in the field: 20
Years freelancing: 2


Jayme Gittings