Jonathan Moore

Hi, my name is Jonathan Moore and I copyedit academic articles in the area of economics. I love language and believe the best way to convey knowledge is through clear and concise writing. Thomas Piketty’s book Capital became a bestseller not only because of his theories but also because he used language that was accessible to more than his peers.

Because of my love of language, I have studied Latin, Ancient Greek, Russian, and French. Training in these languages gives me a strong linguistic foundation. This background provides insight into how non-native English authors write in English. With this insight, I can then help the author convey his or her message more clearly.

In his book The Sense of Style, Steven Pinker argues that academics face the challenge of the “curse of knowledge.” Academics can find it difficult to translate their knowledge into accessible language because it overwhelms their thinking. This situation leads to unclear writing because of the assumption that others know what is being said. It then follows that there is a heavy reliance on jargon. When copyediting, I maintain the authors meaning but put it in a clearer and more concise form; like taking a rough diamond and refining it until it shines.

I specialize in copyediting and proofreading. I use MSWord’s Track Changes and several other software programs to help ensure accuracy. The style guide that I primarily adhere to is the Chicago Manual of Style and to a lesser extent the APA Manual of Style. I rely on Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and Oxford Online Dictionaries. My go to grammar reference is Garner’s The Chicago Guide to Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation.

My client find that I am reliable, on time, and accessible. They come from a wide array of universities and organizations such as The London School of Business, The University of Chicago’s Booth School, NYU’s Stern School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, The Kellogg School at Northwestern University, Universite Paris-Dauphine, Maastricht University, National University of Laos, University of Hong Kong, University of Strasburg, University of Florence, Kobe University, Cass Business School , Universidad De Valladolid, Tipperary Institute, Tilburg University, Universidad de Zaragoza, Universidad de Salamanca, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the FED, and the World Bank.

Kent, CT

Home phone: 1-860-488-1870


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Years in the field: 11
Years freelancing: 11


Jonathan Moore