Judy L Mohr

Black Wolf Editorial Services

Hi all, I’m a developmental editor and writing coach with Black Wolf Editorial Services, working on projects from writers around the world. Being a writer myself, I understand the struggles that writers go through while drafting their stories, struggling to get their voices heard.

When editing a story, I focus on the story itself and the reader experience. If that story is captivating and the characters are those we want to fall in love with, then punctuation and grammar become the little stuff.

Working with me, you will:

  • learn how to take full advantage of show within your manuscripts, crafting story in deep POV;
  • develop dialogue that is natural and a joy to read;
  • tighten those plots and connect the beats of a story to the main character’s journey;
  • discover how you might build an online platform safely that is suited to your personality;
  • gain the confidence to claim that title of writer, because that is what you are;
  • and have a cheerleader in the corner who will be just as excited as you are when you take that next step in your writing journey.

Like all editors, I do have my preferences for the type of stories I like working with.

Do you write action? Bring it on. Are your scenes filled with the gruesome? I’m loving it even more. Do you weave in the fantasy, science or technology into that action-filled story? Okay, I want to hear from you!

Genres of preference:

  • Suspense / Thriller (including romantic suspense)
  • Fantasy (all sub-genres, including paranormal romance)
  • Science Fiction (all sub-genres, near-future is my favorite, but a good space opera has me salivating)
  • Horror (bring on the heart-stopping fear)
  • Mystery / Crime (including violent crime, if the story demands it)

Please note that I do not work with literary fiction, category romance, Christian fiction, poetry, or picture books. Also note that I do not work with early readers.

If you are looking for an editor for nonfiction, depending on the subject matter, you might have me fascinated and wanting to know more. If the subject is science related or about ancient cultures, my interest is piqued. And I wouldn’t be averse to working on a book filled with toilet humor either. (Don’t ask; just accept.)

Reach out to me and let’s talk about your individual needs.

The Black Wolf Editor is a Writer Too!

As I mentioned above, I’m a writer too, writing cross-genre thrillers with high-action sequences. I have firsthand experience with the mechanics associated with crime thrillers, military thrillers, high fantasy (particularly Sword & Sorcery), portal fantasy, urban fantasy, psychological thrillers, fantasy romance, romantic suspense, and the list goes on. I also write nonfiction, specializing in the dangers of social media and internet technology. To find out more about my personal projects, please visit my personal website.

Christchurch, Canterbury

Email: judylmohr@blackwolfeditorial.com


Years in the field: 8
Years freelancing: 8


Judy Mohr