Kaitlyn (Logan) N Austin

Developmental Editing | Line Editing | Copy Editing
Horror | Sci-fi | All Genre Fiction
Adult-Young Adult
I graduated BYU-I with a BA in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing in 2019. I have had a lifelong passion for literature and writing since childhood. Horror content in particular has been a huge interest of mine ever since I can remember. I’m extremely passionate about literature and editing and will work as hard as I can for your project.I’ve had stories published in Mangrove Journal and Metaphor and I’ve presented work at a national literature conference.


Outside of writing, I’m passionate about art, comics, film, and studying foreign languages.


Please feel free to request that I edit a few pages of your manuscript for free so you can decide if we work well together. You can email me with any questions you might have about me or my work. Because I’m new to the job, my rates will be especially competitive.


Email: austinfictionediting@gmail.com


Years in the field: 1
Years freelancing: 1


Kaitlyn (Logan) Austin