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Hello, I’m Katherine Kirk. I help writers to wrangle their words into submission so that their message is clear of ambiguity and professional.

My friendly, personal approach gives you much more than better spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax; I provide a human touch that is impossible to achieve through spell-checking software.

Why the gecko?

Because if I’m doing my job right, I’m like a gecko on the wall of your story, quietly snapping up the errors, inconsistencies and missteps that bug your readers, so that they can immerse themselves in your world.

Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction and Fantasy

The possibilities are endless in these genres. I love to figure out the world-building rules that scifi and fantasy authors have used and then ensure that they have been used consistently throughout the book, and across the whole series. My favourite SFF authors range from Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Ursula K Le Guin and Isaac Asimov to Iain M Banks, Neil Gaiman and JT Lawrence. I believe there should be more diversity in SFF; I seek to work especially with authors who are women, in translation to English, and minorities.

Literary Fiction

If your book is a genre-bending masterpiece of figurative artistry and innovative punctuation, then I am the editor for you. I will figure out the rules you have created and applied to your writing so that your reader can savor your words and embrace your unique spin on things. Whether you have written it in Morse Code or it can be read multi-directionally, I will help to ensure that readers have the best possible experience.

Historical Fiction

Another genre where worldbuilding, continuity and accuracy is important to your readers. I am especially interested in books set in the Victorian era, and all the way through the 20th century. I will help you make sure that your writing is consistent and appropriate to that era, so your readers can focus on the story.

RPG Content

There’s nothing worse than playing a new module in a tabletop RPG and not being able to find the information you need when you need it, or not being able to understand it. Take the pressure of your players by letting me proofread your guide, module, zine or other RPG content. I’ll make sure the style is consistent, spelling and grammar are accurate, and the information is all where it’s supposed to be, so they can focus on destroying that fire elemental.


My goal is to help marginalized and underrepresented authors to have their voices heard, and to help readers of all backgrounds to see themselves represented in the stories that they love. I am also happy to refer you to a sensitivity reader so you can be sure that your characters are faithful representations of real-life communities.

Katherine Kirk joined our small team and worked to bring a non-fiction book about writing to the audience. Her work flagged countless errors and she worked with us to bring out the hidden potential in the writing. It was an excellent experience for all. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for any proofing or editing role.

Jack Atkinson, independent publisher at Loose Canon Club Indie Press

After finishing my manuscript, I reached out to Katherine for proofreading it. The end result was a vast improvement, a more fluent story without any grammar mistakes. Do not count on various grammar software. You can’t substitute a good editor! I now feel more confident in putting my novel on the market. I highly recommend Katherine Kirk as an editor.

Emilios Kyriacou, science fiction author

Email: kath@geckoedit.com


Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 1


Katherine Kirk