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Kristin Noland — Speculative Fiction Editor — Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, and Apocalyptic Fiction.

I’ve worked with many writers, just like you, who need support through the editing process. In my career, I’ve edited over sixty manuscripts, including the Amazon Best Seller Lost Souls by Shawn Keys and Crevasse by Clay Vermulm, which is traditionally published.

From ensuring your story is solid, to keeping a consistent voice and point-of-view (POV), to improving your writing skills and grammar, I’m here to help you produce a story that will resonate with your readers and create a book they are unable to put down.

With my understanding of both self-publishing and traditional publishing routes, I will help you hone your craft, polish your manuscript, and encourage you through the process. My publishing experience includes publishers such as Literary Wanderlust, She Writes Press, and Greenleaf Book Group.

I have a degree in English and literature, and I’m a member of the EFA, PEN (Professional Editors Network), and Midwest Independent Publishers Association, as well as being listed on Publishers Marketplace, The Creative Penn, and Kindlepreneur.

I’m excited to get to know you.

Let’s get started enhancing your story and your craft!


Anderson, IN

Home phone: 7656201782


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Years in the field: 3
Years freelancing: 3


Kristin Noland