Laura Major

Major Developments

I love working with writers and have the utmost respect for both the technical and personal aspects of the process.

I’ve been editing and proofreading professionally for over a decade, but there’s a lifetime of training behind my skills. I’m fascinated by how good writing works, the ways in which themes are developed and carried through, and the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) art of persuasion. I pick apart everything I read, every day, in order to see how and why it succeeds or fails. Novels, articles, ads—nothing escapes examination.

If you’re writing a fiction or nonfiction book, I’m here to help you tell your story. Every author can benefit from an objective take on their writing. From the beginning stages to the final touches, I can help enhance your voice and clarify your vision for readers. By performing thoughtful and precise developmental, line and copy editing, as well as proofreading, I can help strengthen and polish your work.

My specialties include structuring compelling narratives; showcasing superb prose; pinpointing weak spots; brainstorming tailored suggestions; refining and organizing text; and further developing ideas, plots, themes and characters. Whether you’re stuck on plot or you just need someone to catch typos, I’m here to help make your book the best it can be.

If you’re a business trying to connect with an audience, I’ll make sure your copy is clear, correct and highly readable. I possess first-rate editing and proofreading skills, as well as a knack for recognizing flaws in flow and construction. I love helping my clients’ writing shine, whether I’m streamlining chaotic reports; polishing a PowerPoint presentation; untangling jargon; making complex writing sound human; catching errors; ensuring brand and style consistency; or overhauling web or print content so that it captures your target audience.

My home base is Salem, Massachusetts, but I work remotely with clients anywhere in the US and abroad. I primarily work in US English but am well versed in UK and Canadian English as well.

Salem, MA


Years in the field: 12
Years freelancing: 12


Laura Major