Marcia Santore

Amalgamated Story

Marcia Santore of Amalgamated Story is a creative and detail-oriented editor, writer, and project manager. She brings both her story-telling abilities and her detail-oriented editing skills to all aspects of clients’ communications needs, helping to ensure accuracy and always keeping the reader in mind.

She has worked with authors on fiction and nonfiction books and ebooks, and with business and non-profit clients on websites, articles, annual reports, white papers, marketing copy and collateral, news releases, instructional manuals and handbooks, textbook assessment and support materials, and more. Much of her expertise is in the arts, education, and the social sciences, working with universities, schools, art and music organizations, educational publishers, professors, and graduate students, as well as businesses large and small.

Available services include writing, editing, and author services. She has expertise in art, art history, performing arts, education and educational publishing, fiction books, short stories, and e-books, non-fiction books, dissertations, and theses; magazine editing and publication, grant writing, how-to or instructional materials, and marketing materials. She is familiar with APA, Chicago,and AP styles.

She is also an exhibiting visual artist. (Curious? Go to and visit artYOP! her blog of artists’ stories at at

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Plymouth, NH


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Years in the field: 20
Years freelancing: 12


Marcia Santore