Marisa D. Keller

MDK Wordsmith

Whether you have written a personal essay, a fantasy novel or a promotional brochure, my job is to give you the insights and support you need to capture your readers’ attention from the very first sentence.

I specialize in in-depth evaluation, substantive editing and copy editing for:

adult and YA fiction, especially sci-fi/fantasy
memoir and personal essays
brochures and programs
newspapers and magazines
mission statements
sensitive correspondence
website copy

CREATIVE: I work with you and your text to produce vivid, compelling prose. I give thoughtful, constructive feedback to develop smooth narrative flow, powerful emotional/character development, a strong voice, and effective technique.

PRACTICAL: I work with you and your text to produce clear, effective, typo-free writing that features concise, well-organized content, direct and engaging language, professional, consistent style, and a presentation that supports and complements the message.

My passion for editing springs from a fascination with language as a tool for self-expression, communication and imagination. I have a BA in languages and linguistics from Earlham College and more than 10 years of experience as an editor and proofreader of both creative and practical writing.

Montpelier, VT


Years in the field: 15
Years freelancing: 6


Marisa Keller