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Mary Carol Ghislin

The story without an end is that I am still writing and editing after 30 years. I began humbly enough with contacts in the educational publishing industry, writing and editing educational curriculum, literary study guides, white papers, and other marketing materials. By 1990, I had my own company, MCM Publishing Services, managing 19 writers. We wrote and I edited for all the major educational publishers: McGraw-Hill, ScottForesman, Harcourt Brace, Glencoe, Silver Burdett & Ginn, Houghton Mifflin, McDougal Littell, Wright Group, Options Publishing–and their development houses: Wheetley, Ligature, Mazer, Kane Publishing, Publicom, Falletta Associates, PSI. For a time I edited for the American Bar Association. For the past 15 years, I edited in-house at McGraw-Hill, earning Supervising Editor status, but most lately working as a Product Manager. I discovered quickly that it was not for me, and I am now happily back at my editing work. I hold a masters degree in Literature from Northwestern University, from which I earned the Distinguished Thesis Award.

Godfrey, IL

Cell phone: 630-220-0734


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Years in the field: 30
Years freelancing: 20

mary carol.ghislin.22504

Mary Ghislin