Matthew T Dearing

Dynamic Patterns Editing

Matthew Dearing is a full-time enterprise applications developer and Technical Lead for the Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps) initiative at Argonne National Laboratory as well as an Associate Editor for KDnuggets. With a BA in Physics and MSc in Computer Science, and currently a PhD student in Computer Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Matthew keeps a pulse on the latest advancements in science as a top-rated freelance editor of scientific and technical documents from clients around the globe specializing in research papers and dissertations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and physics. His early published peer-reviewed research involved fabricating the original holographic optical device for manipulating microscopic matter in three dimensions and developing software to map the structure of cultured neuron networks. Leveraging a proven editorial approach that is direct, honest, and appreciated by clients, Matthew applies his strong academic background in physics and computer science, with an emphasis in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to offer broad editing expertise along with extensive experience with non-native English writers. Through collaboration and the ability to connect with the research, Matthew provides significant editorial value in guiding scientific and technical authors to communicate to the world clearly, professionally, and effectively.

Chicago, IL

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Years in the field: 13
Years freelancing: 8


Matthew Dearing