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A graduate of Scripps College’s BA and Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MFA writing programs, I began editing professionally in 2013. My editor pen has marked up novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, fanfiction, nonfiction/academic manuscripts, handbooks, and college application essays, as a freelancer, as an editor for Radish Media, and as part a Production Assistant of SAGE Publications.

What I like to read:

My usual genres of choice are fantasy/supernatural, historical, mystery, (LGBTQ+) romance, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and popular/realistic fiction featuring diverse authors and characters. My favorite is historical fantasy. I occasionally pick up science fiction, horror, and humor.

On the other side of the coin, I rarely read nonfiction, biographies, and memoirs unless the topic is of particular interest. Sport stories are foreign to me, so I would be considered an editor outside of your intended audience if that’s what you’re writing.

As I’ve done more editing, I’ve found that I’m more forgiving with poetry, novels, novellas, and other long fiction, which means the number of edits is variable with the work. However, I’m very picky about short stories and essays, most likely returning them with lots of edits.

What I can do:

Diversity Reading for Bisexuality, Catholicism, & LGBTQ+ Nerd CultureOnce known as Sensitivity Reading, this service helps authors add nuance and authenticity to their representation of these identities, avoid tired tropes, and defy stereotypes. Being Catholic, bisexual, and a nerd are integral parts of my identity, and I’m happy to share my experience with authors to help accurately portray people like me in fiction.

For diversity reads, I can do macro or micro edits. Macro edits would be a 2 to 5 page response letter to your whole piece, focusing on your story as a whole and evaluating the requested identity representation in it. Micro edits would be similar to line editing, where I point in text where nuance could be added. If you have specific questions or elements you’re worried about, I can address those too.

Proofreading: Grammar edits and spelling checks. Proofreading is perfect as a final polish to a well-worked manuscript about to be published or sent off to agents and editors.

Copyediting: This is proofreading and then some. Grammar checks come together with advice on organization, headers, sentence structures/flow, and other points that will make your manuscript more accessible to readers. This is a basic editorial skill, but immensely helpful in transforming a good manuscript into a great manuscript ready to be published or sent to agents.

Developmental editing: Have you ever had the nagging feeling that your manuscript needs something, but you’ve run out of ideas on how to improve it? Developmental editing bites into the meat of the story. It includes in-depth analysis on story flow, characters, themes, plot, syntax/diction, and overall storytelling technique as well as suggestions to improve. This editing type leads to major revisions of a manuscript and is perfect for first drafts.

Distilled to the essential, my style of editing centers around what you want and how you envision your story. My goal is make your story clearer and more accessible to readers.

The Logistics

Outside of diversity reads, the way you receive edits is up to you: I can do bullet point lists, write on the Word doc in a different color, use Track changes, or print it out, mark it up, and send back a hard copy in the mail. Whatever works for you. I prefer Microsoft Word’s Track Changes.

The cost of my services are negotiable, except for diversity reads. Diversity reads are a flat rate of $300. For any other service, my standard rate is $0.02 per word per read through. For example, say you have a 20,000 word manuscript and you’d like me copyedit it. That will cost you $0.02 x 20,000 which equals $400. If you want me to do copy AND developmental editing, that will be another $400, or $800 total. Again, my rates are negotiable, so if you’d prefer to pay me per hour of work, that’s fine.

I accept payments via Paypal. My Paypal Me is

If you’d like a test run my skills, I’ll edit a short piece free of charge. For any questions, a price quote on your next project, or more information, please contact me at


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