Neha Patel

Hello! My name is Neha (Nay-ha) Patel. I’m an editor and sensitivity/authenticity reader who enjoys helping subject matter experts and fellow writers articulate complex (and not-so complex) information for their readers.

​Why Hire Me?
I have over 7 years of experience as a medical editor, technical editor, copy editor, and/or proofreader for publishers, nonprofits, private companies, and public companies, such as UWorld, Gartner, Sourcebooks, Posthill Press, and HarperCollins. I also love working with indie authors on their passion projects.

My credentials include:

  1. Masters in Technical and Professional Communication | Auburn University
  2. Bachelors in English | University of Alabama at Birmingham
  3. Bachelors in Biology | University of Alabama at Birmingham
  4. Editing Certificate | University of Washington
  5. Poynter ACES Advanced Editing Certificate | Poynter Institute

What Do I Edit?
I’ve copy edited and proofread everything from 800-word, keyword-targeted articles on bioplastics to 100,000-word novels about dragons. Whether you need help figuring out if an em dash or colon works better or if it should be “farther” or “further” in your sentence, I’m here to help.

​Sensitivity/Authenticity Reading

Do you reference Indian culture or people in your deliverable or manuscript? If so, I’d love to help you present Indian culture and people accurately for your readers. I’ve conducted sensitivity reads on everything from TTRPG character profiles to cookbooks to full-length novels. I never censor or censure writers but rather partner with them to ensure accurate and sensitive representation.

I also offer beta reading.


More information: View PDF file

Years in the field: 7
Years freelancing: 5


Neha Patel