Pauly Pagenhart

What you get 

When you work with me you get a writer and editor with 25 years’ experience in academia and the non-profit sector. For over a half-dozen of those years I taught writing, led writing workshops, and offered individual tutoring at the college and graduate level.

What I do

I have written, copyedited, and done developmental and substance editing on projects ranging in size from a several hundred-character social media post to a several hundred-page memoir or  doctoral dissertation–plus everything in between: press releases, newsletter content, website content, grant proposals, annual reports, promotional copy, you name it. I’m also fluent in Adobe Creative Cloud design apps and WordPress back-end website design and management, so I can also work with clients on design, layout, and presentation, for the project’s final appearance in print or digital media.

How I work

Clients experience me as attentive, warm, and above all, meticulous in my attention to detail. You can be assured that your project will emerge at the other end crystal-clear, error-free, and on time. And, should you wish to sharpen your skills, you can also learn a bit about why and how I made the changes I did. I’ve worked with doctoral candidates, higher education professionals, and non-profit professionals on works for highly specialized as well as lay audiences.

What I’ve published

I’ve published essays in academic and non-fiction anthologies and in academic journals; for over a decade I also published an award-winning blog and built a sizable social media platform. In the non-profit sector, as Communications Director, I led everyday messaging and crisis communications for the organization, and ensured the accuracy and efficacy of all outward-facing words and images.

My academic training

I earned a B.A. in English (Ethnic Studies minor) from the University of California, Berkeley, and an M.A. in American Studies (Feminist Studies minor) from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I draw upon this training, along with equity, diversity, and inclusion training I’ve done in the non-profit sector, to provide clients superb sensitivity/ authenticity reads, particularly in the areas of LGBTQIA and gender expansive, trans, and nonbinary identities. I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am open to meeting with clients in person here, or virtually from any corner of the globe.


My LinkedIn page: can be found here.


Years in the field: 25
Years freelancing: 13


Pauly Pagenhart