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I’m a 20+ year veteran of writing and editing speculative fiction–fantasy, science fiction, horror, and mixes of these genres, which could include romance. Note that the preceding are umbrella terms, and I do not work with all their many subgenres. Please visit my website at to view the list.

An important point in editing speculative fiction is authors may employ various writing styles besides Standard English, such as patois. As I have used various language styles in my own novels, I’m respectful of an author’s choice of expression.

I offer manuscript evaluation, content and line editing, copyediting, proofreading services, and book coaching.

I also offer sensitivity/authenticity reading services for authors who have created Black/African-American characters. I point out unconscious biases, stereotypes, and advise whether a character’s behavior is appropriate for the culture. Most important, I review an author’s writing within the story’s context, for that, too, is a component of authenticity.

Today, authors have the option of self-publishing their works. I’ve been self-publishing my books for 10+ years. For authors considering or have made the decision to self-publish, I offer consultation services to educate and guide authors through the process, including budget planning, copyright, ISBN/barcode for paperback/hardcover (note ebooks do not require an ISBN/barcode) and the best self-publishing avenues to pursue based on the author’s goals.

Rosedale, MD

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Years in the field: 22
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Roxanne Bland