Sandra Ann Rempel

After receiving my PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology, I have had a successful career as the director (Principal Investigator) of my research laboratory in molecular and translational Neuro-Oncology for 25 years.

One of my greatest joys was mentoring students, postdoctoral fellows, medical students, and laboratory staff. Part of my responsibility focused on mentoring them as they wrote their manuscripts, grant proposals, and their thesis submissions. Many of these mentees and colleagues were English language learners who needed support in the conventions of English science writing. It has been gratifying to help these scientists and mentees be successful in their own scientific careers.

As a result of this mentoring, I can appreciate the writing challenges faced by all scientists, mentees, and in particular, non-English first language authors. It gives me great pleasure to now provide an English language and ESL editing and writing service to continue to help scientists be successful in their own careers.

My services include the following:

Copyediting prior to manuscript, proposal, or thesis submission;

Proofreading journal proofs after manuscript acceptance;

Substantive/structural editing;

Developmental editing.

Business phone: 248-225-3578


Years in the field: 2
Years freelancing: 2


Sandra Rempel