Sherrill Layton

Inner Hierarchy Publishing

Hi, I’m Sherrill, pleased to e-meet you!

A little about me: New publisher in the house! and I’m very happy to receive your manuscript for review: as editor, proofreader, or publisher, depending on the services you need.

As the former executive editor of English titles for a large self-publishing company in Israel, I garnered invaluable experience on the route toward successful content architecture.

As an academic editor for two major universities here, I’ve been entrusted with material at the highest national level (see Tabansky Springer Brief, the first English-language declaration of Israel’s cyber policies).

My references stem from fiction and non-fiction works in the cybersecurity, criminology, and psychology fields, including several top academic journal receptions. To that end, I have excellent software, expediting content checks and publishing funnels.

My main work these days revolves around building an independent publishing company.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sherrill Layton


Skype ID: sherrill_63
Yodfat, Israel


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Years in the field: 9
Years freelancing: 9


Sherrill Layton