Suzelle Madeleine Fiedler

Fiedler Editorial LLC

If you are writing a scientific research manuscript, grant proposal, or thesis, or if you are writing material for a retail corporation, church, or nonprofit organization, I will scrupulously copyedit your work and polish it until it is the absolute best that it can be.

I earned a Master of Science in Biochemistry from West Virginia University and, in the process, found that writing my thesis was my favorite part of the entire project. I am now copyediting scientific research manuscripts, grant proposals, and theses, as well as informational material for a church and marketing items for a corporation. My editing has been described as “wonderful,” “5- star,” and “amazing.” 

If you are interested in having your work copyedited, please send me a 1,000-word sample and we will discuss your editing needs and my rates.

Frederick, MD


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Years in the field: 8
Years freelancing: 3


Suzelle Fiedler