Suzelle Madeleine Fiedler

Fiedler Editorial LLC

If you are writing a scientific research manuscript, grant proposal, or thesis, or if you are writing material for a corporation, church, or nonprofit organization, I will scrupulously copyedit your work and polish it until it is the absolute best that it can be.

I earned a Master of Science in Biochemistry from West Virginia University and, in the process, found that writing my thesis was my favorite part of the entire project. After spending eight years working in academic and U.S. government biology laboratories in my home state of Maryland, I sought other avenues in which to express my God-given talents. I am now copyediting scientific research manuscripts, grant proposals, and student capstone papers, as well as informational material for a church and marketing items and a website for a corporation. My editing has been described as “wonderful,” “5- star,” and “amazing.”  When I am not editing, I enjoy traveling.  I love the Canadian province of Quebec, since it is my mother’s homeland, and I am a lifelong frequenter of the Jersey shore.  I currently reside in Frederick, Maryland with my husband.

Frederick, MD


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Years in the field: 8
Years freelancing: 2


Suzelle Fiedler