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Writerwerx University: Author Education and Book Development Services

Writerwerx University educates you on how to publish your own work and provides services to those seeking professional assistance. We provide all of the services listed below, in addition to step-by-step, self-paced indie author education courses (and advanced, paid courses via Patreon).

Book Planning Help

  • Book coaching (consultation about strategies for your specific project and goals).
  • Outline creation (speaking with you about your book’s vision and helping you organize your thoughts related to that).
  • Outline review (critiquing an outline you’ve already created in order to help with content organization, plot flow, character development, and reader expectation management). *Also available for screenplay beat sheets / treatments.*

Book Writing Help

  • Typing (send us your scanned or copied, handwritten pages and we will type them up for you)
  • Ghostwriting (submit your outline and we will create the first two drafts of your manuscript)

Book Editing Help 

  • Manuscript evaluation (send us your draft and we will provide a publication readiness rubric, executive summary of feedback, and in-line notes covering the problems with the piece and recommendations for repairing them)
  • Developmental editing (we do a manuscript evaluation in order to create an editing plan to show you all that we plan on changing, then work with you to complete three full developmental editing passes to restructure the basic elements of your piece, including organization of content, plot design, character development, and worldbuiding)
  • Line editing (we review your entire manuscript in order to strengthen sentence-level expression of instructional and narrative concepts, including reducing repetition, clarifying language, and defining tone)
  • Copy editing (we review your entire manuscript for grammatical problems such as misspelled words, missing words, inappropriate punctuation, and usage based on the Chicago Manual of Style and your project-specific style guide)

Book Design Help

  • Illustrations (we use your desired image concepts to create mockups, line art, and final illustrations for your book’s interior).
  • Cover design (we work with you to create a book cover that suits your genre and content)
  • Book design (we format your book to display well on digital devices and print well for paperback and hardcover books)

Book Publishing Services

  • Sales prep (we help you prepare to launch your book by creating your publishing platform account and necessary author platforms ahead of publication, including securing ISBNs)
  • Proofreading (we review your entire finished product in order to reduce stubborn errors that have made it through the previous book development processes)
  • Promotion (we share your book with our network of nearly 20,000 readers including our social media followers, newsletter subscribers, and Apprentices)


We take on projects of just about any fiction or nonfiction genre, including poetry, erotica, children’s books, memoirs, and faith-based books.

With over two decades of experience in editing, writing, and publishing, Tenesha L. Curtis runs the company by treating every customer like a friend. With all services performed virtually and via phone, anyone around the world can have access to quality, affordable services to help turn their work into the masterpiece it was meant to be.

Latest Projects

Manifest Agony by Tenesha L. Curtis (urban fantasy, murder mystery, novel)

Me and My Nana by Dr. Guilda Joseph (children’s, Caribbean culture, picture book)

How to Outline a Book: Fiction by Tenesha L. Curtis (Writing reference, self-help)

I Am Me, I Am Zahra by Souad Ismael (Children’s, bullying, diversity)

Getting Up and Starting Over by Steven D. Smallwood (Self-help, inspirational, Christian)

Self-Revision Fundamentals by Tenesha L Curtis (Writing reference, self-help)

The Duke of Magic Fingers by Earl Williams (Autobiography, Christian, musician)

Brown Girls Can! by KaMara White (Children’s, self-esteem, Black voices)

Pamphlet of Hope by Jay Snider (Poetry, inspirational, faith)

Acrimony by Mark Anderson (Action, crime, short story)

Faith Over Fear by Marie Hamlin (Memoir, cancer survivorship, Christian)

The Police Encounter Bible by Tommy Bridgeman (Self-help, policing, justice)

Book Outlining Basics by Tenesha L. Curtis (Writing, reference, self-help)

The Usury Debt Trap by Sulaiman Adbul-Aleem (Islamic, financial, editorial)

The Newbie’s Guide to Book Development by Tenesha L. Curtis (Writing, reference, self-help)

Cast the First Stone by Michael Burkhalter (Christian, inspirational, self-help)

Conversations with the Heart and Soul by Lacey A. Odoms (Poetry, African-American, contemporary)

AJ Overcomes: Cyberbullying by Diandra Walker (Children’s, hi-lo, struggling readers)

The 12-Month Manuscript by Tenesha L. Curtis (Nonfiction, self-help, writing)

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