Theresa Green

Premier Literary Services

My services include writing coaching, alpha reading (very rough and incomplete drafts), and developmental editing. I specialize in novels and short stories in a range of genres including, but not limited to: crime, mystery, thriller, magical realism, fantasy, historical, and contemporary fiction for MG, YA, and adults. I love crossovers and genre mash-ups!
I am not a good fit for romance, erotica, or religion.

About me:
My name is Theresa and I foster a deep passion for helping writers develop their vision.

I fell in love with words before I entered school, learned that I could make up my own stories when I was ten, and have been writing and editing ever since. In 2014, I co-founded a global nonprofit, The Writer’s Workout (shameless plug), where I am honored to help writers around the world grow their craft.

Writing is soul-deep. If you’re courageous enough to put your heart onto paper, let me help you make it shine. Check out my Services page or reach out via email ( Let’s chat!


Years in the field: 17
Years freelancing: 4

Theresa Green