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Our mission is to provide exceptional author services while positively contributing to the writing community and publishing industry.

Founded by author and editor Victoria Griffin, Blue Pen provides a variety of services for both traditionally publishing and self-publishing authors. Rooted in passion and fueled by a love of books, Blue Pen never sacrifices on quality. We provide the highest level of services while working hard to improve the accessibility of editing and book design.

Blue Pen delivers editorial services ranging from comprehensive developmental editing to final proofreading. We also provide services to help independent authors publish professionally and successfully.

Our editors are all members of the Editorial Freelancers Association and have experience in various industry roles. Each member of the Blue Pen team is handpicked and vetted. They are the best of the best, with extensive experience as in-house editors, freelance professionals, acquisitions editors, and literary agents. Team member specializations cover a wide range of genres, age categories, and editorial services.

We support your book and your artistic growth.

Unlike big companies whose only concerns are cutting costs and cranking out books, Blue Pen focuses on each author’s individual journey. We are here to answer your questions and help you build your career.

Blue Pen works hard to fulfill obligations to our team members, our clients, and the industry as a whole. We don’t take any of those obligations lightly, and we are always working toward the well-being and growth of each author we impact.


Popular editing services:

  • Line editing involves changes at the sentence and paragraph levels to improve the flow and impact of the prose. This heavy, low-level editing addresses issues related to clarity, consistency, and concision, while maintaining and highlighting the work’s original voice.
  • Developmental Editing addresses big-picture storytelling. An attentive read culminates in a written analysis of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, along with solutions. Your manuscript will be marked with heavy comments addressing pace, continuity, plot, character, voice, etc.
  • Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process. It addresses grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. Proofreading includes changes to make the prose objectively correct and does not address style or substantive issues.

We also provide services for independent authors:

  • Custom cover design
  • Interior layout (print and ebook)
  • Back cover blurbs
  • Assisted self-publishing
  • Book marketing


“It’s not easy for me to hand my work over for someone else, let alone allow them to work it. Given Victoria’s care, fairness, kind professionalism, attention to detail, as well as her patience and wherewithal that she is handling something precious, I will continue to use Victoria for all my editing needs. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the same.”


“Working with Victoria was one of the highlights of my writing process. Both excited and nervous, I handed my manuscript over to her and waited anxiously for her comments. Victoria was professional, kind, and direct about what needed to be done to make my manuscript the best that it could be. Her edits arrived in a timely manner and gave me a fantastic guideline of how to proceed with my manuscript. Any writer looking for quality editing with honest feedback should look no further than Victoria Griffin and Blue Pen Editing services.”

– Tanya Williams, BECOMING MRS. SMITH

“It can be hard to justify splashing out on the costs of an editor and just as hard to pick one from all the different people offering services. I would say that a good editor really makes a difference, and I suspect that if I’d used Victoria’s services at an earlier stage in the process, it’d have saved me a lot of self-editing trial and error.”

– Georgiana Derwent, THE DICTATOR’S WIFE

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Victoria Griffin