We are excited to announce that we have added two great new affiliate discounts for EFA members.

Affiliate discounts are just one of the many perks that come with EFA membership. You can find a full list on our Member Benefits page.

We are partnering with the following companies that we hope may be of use to you in your work.

Fictionary is story editing software for fiction writers and editors who want to hone their skills, edit more effectively, and connect with a community of other writers and editors. It utilizes AI to help writers better understand story elements (e.g., story arc, flow, internal goals) and to provide editors with unique tools so they can deliver more comprehensive and actionable story feedback to clients in less time.

Fictionary offers EFA members 20% off all its products for their first three months or for an annual subscription. Use coupon code EFA20 on Fictionary’s EFA landing page. There is a 14-day free trial, so you can test-drive the software before deciding whether you want to subscribe. Fictionary also offers EFA members a discount on its certification training program.

You can learn more about Fictionary’s story editing software and subscription packages at fictionary.co.

Officially Social is a social media manager providing custom posts for your editing business. They offer industry-specific content calendars for editors geared toward connecting you with authors and other professionals to help you grow your freelance business. You can view examples of their content for book editors on their samples page.

When you choose a three, five, or seven day per week plan you will receive posts that you can copy and either customize (e.g., add your logo) or use as is. You can then paste the content directly into your social accounts or your social media scheduler (e.g., Social Champ or Hootsuite).

EFA members receive 15% off their monthly subscription by using coupon code “EFA” when selecting a social calendar plan.

You can learn more about Officially Social’s content calendars at OfficiallySocial.com.

For more member discounts—and they are plentiful!—check out our Affiliate Discounts page.

Our aim is to be able to offer you as many resources as possible to help your business thrive. If you have any ideas for new partnerships we should consider, we would love to hear them—in fact, both of these new discounts were initiated by EFA members! Please send your suggestions to membership@the-efa.org.

Thanks, and we hope you will take full advantage of all of the Member Benefits available to you!