The Fall 2017 EFA booklets address essential topics for successful editorial freelancers and those who work with them. Click on the titles below for a more detailed synopsis of each booklet and for purchasing information. And see our complete list of booklets covering many more topics.

A Proofreading Companion: Tips, Tools, & Strategies for Polished Writing by Jennifer Karchmer. Karchmer, owner of Over The Shoulder Editorial, imparts personal stories, anecdotes, examples, and practical advice to show how important proofreading is to any written product.

An Author’s Guide to Saving Money on Editing by Janell Robisch. Editor and author Robisch shows authors how to prepare their manuscript for the editorial process to save money for authors and time for editors.

An Editorial Freelancer’s Guide to Business Entities by Alex Bennett, Esq. This guide is a concise introduction to legal entities and several related ideas, written with the goal of giving freelancers a sound foundation for making better decisions about how to structure their businesses.

Are You Worth the Wait? by Susan Hughes. Hughes outlines the steps she took in her journey to become a wait-worthy freelance editor, one whose clients will pay to reserve editing time months in advance.

Creating Fiction: A Concise Guide for Writers and Editors by Eric Reeder. A concise but detailed overview of the process of creating fiction, for both writers and editors.

Is Self-Publishing Right for You? by Emily Buehler. An overview of the entire self-publishing process that will help you decide if self-publishing is right for your manuscript, and which parts of the process, if any, you will want to outsource.

Rev Up Your Referrals: Generating More Word of Mouth Business by Jake Poinier. Word-of-mouth business serves as a freelancer’s virtual sales force. Getting more referrals, however, isn’t a passive enterprise. This booklet will help you cultivate the appropriate mindset and create the right strategy.

The Editor as Self-Publishing Consultant by Linda Nathan. This book will help you make the most of the author-editor relationship to relate to self-publishing authors and to provide useful tools for their (and your) success.

What’s Your Style: Customize a Style Guide in Six Easy Steps by Robin Martin. Martin shares the best practices she has identified and the six-step process she has developed that make customization of style guides quite simple.