Hello, and welcome all to the EFA Colorado Chapter! We are the new chapter co-coordinators—Julina Small and Ginny Ruths. Because of the amount of territory and the geographic diversity of our state, we will try to keep in touch with our members through both in-person and online events and activities. Our current approach is to hold casual social and networking-type meetings at different locations, and more formal sessions online via Zoom.

In general, Julina is coordinating the northern half of the state (Denver area and north from there) and Ginny the southern half (everything from Colorado Springs south). Castle Rock and other mid-Front Range members can go whichever direction is most convenient. All members, no matter their location, are always welcome to attend any event. Here’s a glimpse at how spread out our chapter is.

This map is a little misleading. The chapter list includes numerous members in Colorado Springs, who only show on the map as a single point because all the numbers are stacked on top of each other.

As co-coordinators, Julina and Ginny will work to accommodate as many members as we can with a multitude of activities in different locations. We welcome all suggestions and assistance. Already suggestions have been made for an online chapter discussion group and a newsletter for communication. Watch for more news coming soon!