Help! There’s Math in My Manuscript, October 26-November 16 (4 weeks)


Where: Asynchronous, Online (Sakai)

October 26, 2017

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This course hones your editorial senses to know when a number-related concept needs a deeper edit. It addresses the common trouble points and shows you how to use free online tools to check your instincts. You’ll see samples of effective queries that use mathematical language, and learn through exercises drawn from real life. This covers the language of talking about numbers, not the mechanics of calculations. It’s not a course in how to do math.

Keep the 50+ pg workbook for your editing resources shelf.

Come learn the secret handshake of math.

Instructor Adrienne Montgomerie is known as SciEditor, and is a wizard tech person too. Visit her website (Right Angels & Polo Bears). Adrienne also blogs for