Mastering InDesign for Editing (New! ONLINE)


February 22 to March 15 (4 weeks)
Online (Sakai)

February 22, 2017

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Participants will work through the Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book (2017) with expert direction and lessons from Chris Morton.

Beginning InDesign users will learn the program from fundamental features to powerful layout skills. Experienced users will learn about new features.

Participants must have a recent or current version of Adobe InDesign CC installed on their computers (Mac or Windows). A free 30-day trial version of InDesign is available from Adobe at

Required book: Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book (2017) (available on Amazon or at Adobe)

About the Instructor

Newspaper publishing being his family’s business since 1873 in the US, Chris Morton has been fooling around with moveable type since grade school. As a display advertising rep for several newspapers and trade magazines, one stint included being a part-time web offset prepress assistant.

He joined the nascent desktop publishing revolution in 1986, engaging in a self-directed study of graphic arts, layout, typography, OCR, production, and ancillary technology. He once was an authorized Aldus PageMaker reseller, with Morton also teaching the subject at a vocational school. He was a member of two electronic publishing expo panels and has addressed the topic at a governmental computer users conference. Que Corporation had him perform a technical edit of its Using CorelDRAW! 5.0 book, which led to him teaching a CorelDRAW! class for CompUSA. Morton has many bylines, including “Software Roundup: Technical Publishing,” a September 1990 cover story for CADence magazine.

Morton was a nationally known computer seminar speaker and instructor through the ’90s. Since then he has continued to produce any number of user manuals and marketing pieces using Adobe InDesign and a myriad of ancillary graphics tools.