Word For Editors (Mac and PC), October 15-November 15 (4 Weeks Online)


Where: AsynchronousOnline (Sakai)

October 15, 2018

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This course is designed specifically for line editors, copyeditors and communications professionals using MS Word 2016 (365) on Mac or Windows. Become more efficient and effective when collaborating on documents, and get Word to do the heavy lifting for a change. Integral to this course are the 24 demo videos and 24 self-check exercises.

“Watch out” is the Montgomerie family motto; that was probably Adrienne’s first call to editing. You will recognize Adrienne as “scieditor” in social media, as a columnist for Copyediting’s blog and magazine, and as author of the Editing in Word 2016 self-study workbook. She is a nationally certified copyeditor who has been editing educational materials for over 20 years and teaching other editors since about 2012 in both higher ed and professional organizations. She literally wrote the book on editing in Word as well as the chapters on tech for editing and editing educational materials. Though she loves editing STEM topics for international organizations and experts aiming at the general public, her goal is to work on the humour that gets excised from all those materials.

A Note About the EFA's Online Courses

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