Word for Editors (Mac and PC), Oct. 12-Nov. 2 (4 Weeks)


Where: AsynchronousOnline (Sakai)

October 12, 2017

Registration is closed for this class


Editing manuscripts on a computer gives you access to many tools that make work faster and more accurate. This course will take you through Word’s Track Changes feature and on to macros and plug-ins with a stop by the many alternative tools including advanced find and replace, wildcards, styles, and customizations that truly make the work fly.

Presented online, this course consists of emailed lessons with video demos and self-check exercises. Get feedback and troubleshooting from the instructor and work with the other students to find what works best for you and for your clients. The focus is on efficient editing, not on language or grammar.

To take this course, you should have a knowledge of:

  • file creation and management
  • menu options and navigation
  • mousing and keyboard navigation
  • basic word processing functions such as cut, copy, paste, undo, save as, spellcheck, bold, italic, and indenting

You will need:

  • Word 365 for PC/Mac
  • access to YouTube videos
  • email

Instructor Adrienne Montgomerie has been teaching editors to master editing on-screen for six years. Publishers such as Pearson, McGraw, and HarperCollins are the mainstay of her 17-year-old freelance editing business. For her writing about editing, check blog and the Right Angels and Polo Bears podcast.

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