Like other not-for-profit, all-volunteer organizations, the EFA relies on its members. Serving on the Board of Governors is a great way for emerging and veteran freelancers alike to meet active, experienced EFAers across the editorial world and have a voice in their professional organization.  Board meetings also provide a great way to learn from professionals who have extensive combined experience. Volunteering to serve looks good on your résumé, and your fellow board members and committee chairs make great references!

Candidates are currently being sought for the following positions:

  • 1 Co-executive, serving a two-year term
  • 1 Secretary, serving a two-year term
  • 7 Members at large (MALs), each serving a one-year term

The co-executives, whose terms are staggered with one another, are responsible for managing the EFA in all its organizational aspects. They alternate presiding, in person or via teleconference, over the eleven monthly board meetings and all executive meetings. One co-executive director is elected each June.

The secretary keeps the minutes of the board meetings; communicates with the membership about the annual election, including calls for nominations and voting announcements and reminders; tallies and publishes the annual election results; and participates in executive committee meetings. Judith Miller, the current secretary, is stepping down at the end of June. Many thanks to Judy for her exemplary service in this position.

Members at large (MALs) represent the EFA’s constituency. MALs can serve on standing committees; assist with ad hoc committees, special projects, and membership surveys; and participate in non-executive board business. Current standing committees are Education (professional development), Freelancer Newsletter, Website, Publications, Membership and Benefits, Chapter Development, and Job List/Discussion List.

Nomination Procedure

To nominate yourself or a colleague for one of the open positions, paste (no attachments, please) candidate statements (of not more than 150 words each) into an email and send to Include full contact details for both nominator and nominee (if you nominate yourself, you are both nominator and nominee). Click here for statement examples. Membership in good standing is a requirement for all board members; those running for executive positions must have been in good standing for twelve months or more before the election. There is no minimum membership requirement for MALs. Deadline for receipt of nomination statements is 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on May 3.

Duties of the Board of Governors

The board consists of four executive officers (two co-executives, secretary, and treasurer), the heads of the seven standing committees, and up to seven members at large. Executive officers serve two-year terms; members at large serve one-year terms.

Residing in or near New York City is NOT a requirement for election to the board. Joining the EFA board is a commitment of time and energy, but it is not an onerous one. Most board members find they spend only a few hours a month on EFA business in addition to board meetings. Board members are expected to attend online meetings held from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. Eastern time on the first Wednesday of every month (except July). Meetings are open to the full membership. In addition to attending meetings, board members take active roles in telephone and online discussions of EFA matters throughout the year as we adopt and manage an annual budget, determine policy, and set EFA goals and benchmarks. Outside of the eleven monthly meetings, we remain in touch through board-only messaging on platforms such as Vanilla Forums and Slack.

For more information, see About the Board.

Voting Process

Voting is done electronically. Information about the election (including candidate statements and ballots) will be delivered electronically. Please add to your address book to ensure that you receive all EFA emails. Otherwise they may be identified as spam, filtered by your Internet Service Provider, or end up in a junk folder.

Key Dates

May 3: Deadline for nominations and candidate biographical and platform statements.
May 9: Candidate statements electronically delivered and also published at the EFA website. Ballots sent electronically.
June 13: Voting deadline. Results tallied.
June 20: Results of the election announced at the 2018 annual meeting.
June 21: Results of the election announced via email to members.

About the EFA

Founded in 1970, the EFA is an all-volunteer, international, 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization headquartered in New York City and managed by a Board of Governors elected by the membership. The bylaws prohibit any board member or other volunteer from receiving compensation of any kind from the EFA (Articles 4.3.2 & 5.6) for such service. For more information about the EFA, see the About section, Member Area, and other sections of this website.