"Point of view is an essential tool for forging a connection between readers and narrators." —Margaret McNellis, instructor

There’s still time to learn more. Before the year wraps up, we have two exciting new classes you won’t want to miss. On December 7, Margaret McNellis will present Coaching Authors on Narrative Distance and Point of View, tackling the tricky question of how to work with authors on something so fundamental to how stories are told and perceived. Fiction editors, don’t be daunted by the scale of rewrites that a POV change might require; this one-hour webinar will teach you exactly how to coach authors through it for the sake of the story.

We’re also beyond thrilled to have launched Kristine Thornley’s Introduction to Medical Editing and AMA Style, a brand-new self-paced course that packs in an extraordinary amount of information. Get your scuba gear on and prepare for a deep dive into every aspect of medical editing, including data presentation, anatomy and physiology basics, and even the Greek and Latin roots of medical terms. Register now and get access for a full year, starting immediately.

Whether you want to study at your own pace or learn with an instructor’s direct feedback, the EFA has everything you need to broaden your skill set and client base. As always, our library of recorded webinars is available for immediate viewing, so be sure to check it out for dozens of helpful sessions, including many free recordings for members. Not a member? Join today.

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