It is my privilege to be serving my second year as the manager of the EFA group page on LinkedIn.

In conjunction with the Editorial Freelancers Association Job List, the group page is another in the outstanding list of benefits provided to active EFA members.

LinkedIn often is cited by experts in the human resources field as one of the chief sources through which those looking to make hiring and contracting decisions select among the finest candidates available.

As Susan Gilbert recently said in The Entrepreneur, “LinkedIn is a still a top networking resource for business, and just experienced a major overhaul of its platform. People in your niche are turning to this social network for information and research”—”Ramp Up Your Brand Network with LinkedIn Groups.”

In order to be included as a member of the EFA group on LinkedIn you must be an active, dues-paying member of the EFA.

This provides you with an additional avenue in which to showcase the fact that you belong to one of the finest and most renowned organizations for editorial freelancers in the world.

It helps advertise to the human resources world that you offer the type of high quality services for which they are looking when searching for candidates or contractors for their organizations.

So don’t hesitate to go onto the EFA LinkedIn group page and request admission to the group.

If you have any questions about joining or find any challenges when signing up feel free to email me.

Bob Faszczewski
Member at Large