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Chapman, Sea

Business phone: 6027300115
Email: sea.write.edit@gmail.com
Website: https://seachapman.com
Years in field: 11
Years as freelancer: 11

Member info:
I have nearly eleven years of experience working as a language professional providing editing, indexing, and transcription services. I also provide localization and globalization services and give talks and workshops on subjects related to writing, editing, language, and literature.

I specialize in working on creative writing and business writing. This includes fiction (historical fiction, thriller or suspense, mystery or crime, science fiction, and fantasy novels), creative nonfiction (travelogues, memoirs, social commentaries, and histories), screenplays, essays and long-form articles, marketing copy, web content, and more.

For nonfiction and business editing, I am particularly interested in anything related to anthropology, archaeology, and history; community advocacy and social justice; death and grieving across cultures; STEM and the arts; and politics.

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