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Catren, Natalie

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Years in field: 16
Years as freelancer: 9

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A freelance writer, editor and designer / illustrator, I have professional and personal ties to London, Cambridge, Tucson, New York, Edinburgh and Bristol. My writing and editing are similarly unbounded in subject, style and scope, ranging from fiction to feature, educational to scholarly, technical to copy. I create feature articles that similarly run the gamut - from humorous vignettes to sociopolitical overviews of such timely or abiding topics as the Affordable Healthcare Act and the politics of food - and its practical effects on families and individuals with autoimmune disease. Since 2011 I have been an entry writer for DeGruyter's Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception. My rather diverse qualifications include a BFA in Painting and English Literature, MA in Art History, Licentiate in Music Performance with the Royal Colleges of Music and a rather insignificant horticultural qualification from the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh. Prior to my freelance career I worked in university settings as student advisor, graphic and website designer, art history teacher, and research assistant. A dual UK-US citizen, I am equally uncomfortable on either side of the Atlantic - thus one of my specialties is UK-US localization. Having spent much of my life as the itinerant foreigner struggling to be understood, I also have an empathetic and practical understanding of ESL client needs.

Photograph by Wesley Storey, at wesleystorey.com

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