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Search Tips: Be sure to limit your search by at least one criterion. For the broadest search, select only one. The keyword or name search looks in both the name and the member bio fields; it is a case-insensitive search. Unless you are searching for someone by name, selecting among skills and specialties is strongly recommended.


  • Any field can be skipped.
  • To search by name, use First Name Last Name or Last Name or First Name:
    Anne Smythe or Smythe or Anne.
  • Click a location, skills, or specialties field box to see the options it offers. A dropdown box will open.
  • Check the options you wish. To change your mind, uncheck the option.
  • To hide a dropdown box, click that field name or another.
  • The parenthetical number indicates your selections in that field.
  • To clear all selections, click the Reset button.
  • To search based on the selections you have made, click the Find button.

Your search will return a hyperlinked list of member names meeting the critera you've specified. Click any name to view that member's profile. The list is presented in random order. To sort results by last name, click that check box and click Find a second time.

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