As the EFA begins a new fiscal year in September, we welcome returning members of the Board of Governors—including Cody Sisco, reelected co-executive; Marcina Zaccaria, reelected treasurer; and PR committee chairperson and Freelancer newsletter editor Sheryl Holmberg, reelected member at large, at the June 2023 Annual Meeting. We would like to introduce you to the six newly elected members at large and look forward to their vital work and contributions in the coming year.
Headshot of Stephanie Argy with brown shoulder-length hair, wearing brown eyeglasses and a gray top in front of a white background
Stephanie Argy has been an EFA member since 2021 and is currently working with Board member Robin Martin on the interior design of this year’s EFA booklets. She is a book editor at the International Society for Technology in Education and freelances for other publishers and organizations. After getting a master’s in journalism from Columbia University, she spent over a decade freelancing as a writer and editor, specializing in the art and technology of filmmaking. She earned a second master’s degree in book publishing at Portland State University, where she was manager of the digital department at Ooligan, a trade press run by students in the publishing program. Throughout her career, Stephanie has tried to demystify complex processes and make them less intimidating and more welcoming—especially to newcomers. She looks forward to contributing to the EFA’s strategic objective of professionalizing and expanding education.
Headshot in front of a beige speckled wall of Dominique Chatterjee, a South Asian (Tamil/Bengali) Dutch-American person with black cropped hair, wearing a sleeveless top imprinted with the rainbow-color words "Queer liberation is always in season"
Dominique Chatterjee joined the EFA in December 2022 after a decade-long career as a freelance editor. Their career has recently expanded to include contract positions as manager of communications at a nonprofit and director of communications at a tech company. They currently serve as accessibility consultant for Union Theological Seminary, where they are pursuing an MA in social justice. Additionally, they are the founder of a mental health organization that centers LGBTQ+ people of color and publishes art and writing. Dominique is interested in supporting integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) into all aspects of the EFA, including engagement, decision-making, and the organization’s communications strategy.
Headshot of September Herrin with waist-length blonde hair, wearing a black outfit in the middle of a green forest
September Herrin has been a member of the EFA since 2021 and volunteered at the EFA booth at AWP in March. She is a freelance book editor working with independent authors and the founder of Sasquatch Club, a group of emerging authors pursuing publication. She has a professional background in the music industry and has mentored younger musicians in the notoriously competitive industry. September looks forward to offering her unique perspective and experience to grow EFA membership and inspire involvement at all levels—a diverse, engaged membership means growth and success for all.
Headshot of Lorraine Martindale with long blonde hair, wearing brown eyeglasses and a white top with black linear design, in front of bookshelves
Lorraine Martindale has been an EFA member, on and off, since 2001. She created an Editor’s Cafe for Los Angeles EFA members, a monthly meetup where they chat about work, clients, and editorial quandaries. In New York, she worked in book publishing and arts administration and received an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School. After freelancing with publishers and non-profits for more than a decade, she is now working with independent clients as a developmental editor and writing coach on the West Coast. Lorraine is interested in professionalizing and expanding the EFA’s Education Program, including doing more outreach and offering more resources to writers, as well as exploring Discussion List subgroups on topics such as fiction or developmental editing.
Headshot of Dayna Reidenouer with cropped red hair, wearing black eyeglasses and a pink sleeveless top in front of a gray gradient background
Dayna Reidenouer (they/she) is the editor and coach behind Your Publishing BFF, meeting the needs of self-publishing authors, particularly those who write romance or children’s books. They are a regular participant in the Carolinas and Georgia chapter meetings and the Discussion List. They have volunteered with the EFA’s Welcome Program; the Diversity, Equity, and Belonging chapter; the Publications committee; and the Social Media committee, most recently hosting an EFA discussion group on Clubhouse. Dayna looks forward to contributing to the EFA’s efforts toward becoming a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization and, in general, to fostering an organization in which the dignity and personhood of systemically marginalized individuals is never questioned and always prioritized.
Headshot of Cyndi Sandusky with long red hair in a blue top in front of a blue gradient background
Cyndi Sandusky joined the EFA in 2019 when she started her freelance editing business, offering copy/line editing and beta reading of fiction as well as medicolegal editing and transcription. She was a member of the board of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) from September 2018 through August 2021, acting as secretary for two of those years. Cyndi strongly believes in the value of continuing education and membership in a professional organization and would like to help EFA keep members interested and involved and make sure the organization continues to offer valuable resources.

We are grateful that these members have volunteered to serve the EFA. If you are interested in serving as a Board member in the future, considering volunteering with the EFA to learn more about the organization. Call for nominations for the 2024-25 Board of Governors will be available in April 2024.
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