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Business Data for Freelance Editors (Webinar Recording)


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"When it comes to making informed decisions, business data is the freelancer's secret weapon." —Maya Berger, instructor
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As a freelance editorial professional, you’re responsible for every aspect of your business: the types of editing you offer, the projects you take on, the rates you set, and your continuing professional development (CPD). It can be overwhelming to figure out whether a client’s proposed timeline is realistic, which of your marketing strategies are paying off, and whether this month’s income will pay for that grammar course you’ve been eyeing. Fortunately, tracking your business data keeps you in control of it all.

This 40-minute webinar will explain how keeping records of your business income and expenses, project details, holidays, CPD, and marketing strategies can help you make smarter business decisions and meet your business goals. You’ll learn:

  • how to give yourself annual performance reviews by tracking your working hours, time off, CPD and job satisfaction
  • to use your project rates, monthly income, and business expenses data to review and shape your business’s direction and priorities
  • what your client data reveals about where you should focus your marketing efforts
  • how to link your CPD accomplishments to the quality and speed of your editorial work

You’ll leave feeling confident about your approach to quoting for projects, getting the clients you want, and investing in your business and your own professional development.

Maya Berger launched The Editor’s Affairs (TEA) in May 2020 to help fellow freelance editors manage their business affairs. She has presented on Excel and business data at recent Editors Canada, CIEP, and IPEd annual conferences as well as for SENSE, and she appeared as a guest on The Editing Podcast speaking about editing erotica. Maya edits and proofreads speculative fiction, erotica, and academic texts in the humanities and social sciences. After spending 13 years in the UK, Maya moved back to Canada in 2017 and currently lives in Toronto. She is a CIEP Advanced Professional Member.

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