Coaching Authors on Narrative Distance and Point of View


December 7, 2023
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

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"Point of view is an essential tool for forging a connection between readers and narrators." —Margaret McNellis, instructor

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Many writers think that once they’ve chosen whether to write from first- or third-person point of view, their work is done. They often make this decision based on their own reading preferences, with little regard for narrative distance or the impact on the reader. However, point of view is one of the most important craft decisions a writer can make in order to connect with and engage their readers.

This one-hour webinar, ideal for novice to intermediate developmental editors, will give an overview of points of view and narrative distance, going beyond pronoun use to encompass verb tense, where the narrator(s) stand in time in relation to story present, and viewing the story through the lens of point of view. We’ll also go over the most common pitfalls in fiction related to point of view.

Most importantly, we’ll cover how to give effective developmental feedback and guide a writer in choosing the point of view that will serve their story best, even if that means an extensive rewrite. You’ll come out of this session knowing how to lead your writers from haphazardly selecting and using point of view to making and implementing intentional, appropriate craft decisions.

Margaret McNellis holds an M.A. in English and creative writing and an MFA in fiction, and is an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach. She is an indie author, and her first two books, The Red Fletch and Outlawed, both received critical acclaim. Margaret has long been fascinated by the power and nuances of point-of-view in fiction, and its ability to help readers engage with story.

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