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Editing for Conscious and Inclusive Language


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"Editing is about more than just fixing words on a page–it's about assessing the impact those words can have on readers. Learn how to help writers choose their language with compassion and intent." —Crystal Shelley, instructor
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As editors, we recognize that words are powerful, and our role is to help clients craft their writing to reflect their intended message. More and more, writers, publishers, and readers are understanding how biased or exclusive language can render text ineffective or harmful, and editors who can identify oppressive language, problematic representation, and unintentional bias are a vital part of the process of addressing these issues.

This self-paced course will teach editors the concepts of conscious language and inclusive language, and how to apply these frameworks to editing practices. Students will learn about evaluating writing related to topics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and body size, as well as how to craft client feedback. Several sample passages will be provided so students can practice assessment and querying skills, then see how the instructor handled those same passages. Students will also have direct access to the instructor during live Q&A sessions.

The information offered in this course is beneficial for all editors, regardless of the type of editing you offer, the genres you work in, the clients you serve, and whether you’re new or seasoned. Editing for conscious and inclusive language is a valuable way in which editors can truly help writers and advocate for all readers.


This course is open to students at all levels.

Crystal Shelley is the owner of Rabbit with a Red Pen, where she provides editing and authenticity reading services to fiction authors. Drawing on her background as a social worker, she unites her love of language and her passion for social justice by advocating conscious language use and inclusive representation in her editorial work. She is the creator of the Conscious Language Toolkits for Editors and Writers and serves on the board of ACES: The Society for Editing.

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