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Successful Subcontracting 101 (Webinar Recording)


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"Learn how to expand your opportunities as a subcontractor or hire help on larger projects." —Jocelyn Kerr, instructor
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Have questions about expanding your freelancing opportunities through subcontracting? Whether you’re looking to hire subcontractors to expand your business or you want to find additional outlets to subcontract yourself, this webinar gives you an overview of the basics. You’ll learn how and where to look for subcontractors and opportunities, the business of subcontracting (think setting rates and understanding your role), and how to manage projects successfully—from negotiating rates to final delivery.

After freelancing for more than a decade, Jocelyn Kerr founded to help other writers and editors manage the business of writing. She is a former managing editor and editor-in-chief for publications as well as a longtime copywriter. She has been on both sides of the subcontracting table, and it has been a key element of growing her business.

This webinar originally aired on March 19, 2020.

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