The Hire-Me Packet: How to Create Visually Engaging Sales Slides That Grow Your Business, April 5–May 7 (5 weeks online) SP21


Where: Asynchronous, Online (Sakai)

April 5, 2021

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Wondering how to introduce yourself or close the deal with potential clients? Show them what you know! In this five-week course, you’ll learn how to create visually engaging sales slides and customize a Hire-Me Packet that will wow potential clients, whether you’re cold calling publishers or following up with an indie author. This hands-on course is part mastermind, part DIY support group. Each week, you’ll be encouraged to get creative and strategic, so come prepared to be a little brave, talk shop, and brainstorm with your fellow students. We’ll give you accountability and encouragement, and you’ll leave with confidence and clarity around marketing your services.

Week 1

Learn why personal branding is important, what to include in your sales slides, how to help clients visualize your process, where to find modern, engaging stock images, and how to use your sales slides in meetings and mailings. You’ll also get a checklist for your submission packets and discover ways you can add a little special something to help you stand out from the crowd.

Week 2

Review your existing brand and identify elements you can pull from. Get clear on who you want to work with and what services you want to offer. (Worksheets will be provided!)

Week 3

Then we’ll sketch ideas and brainstorm how to make each packet feel personal and stylish. To encourage participation, each student will be asked to comment on the work of at least two other students. Let’s help each other grow our businesses!

Week 4

Scratch paper, tape, and Pinterest will be extra helpful this week. You’ll mock up your slides and get kind, customized feedback from your instructor and fellow students. (Sketches, scribbles, and handmade Hire-Me-Packets are totally encouraged at this stage.)

Week 5

Before you leave, we’ll identify your next steps. Hire a designer? Find a printer? Learn Canva? You’ll know what to do next and be able to make a plan, so you can send out Hire-Me Packets that feel perfectly you and totally polished.

Join us to find out how you can let your personality and experience shine, so you can expand your network and do more of the work you do best!

Writer and editor Heidi Fiedler has worked on more than 300 books for clients ranging from Target to Barnes & Noble. She does the deep thinking that’s needed to turn an idea into a book that has the power to spark our curiosity and make us all feel a little less alone. The books she creates are quirky, playful, highly visual, and often philosophical. After working in publishing for over ten years, she’s excited to see her own picture books and chapter books making their way into the world. Learn more about Heidi and the work she does at

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