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Winning Book Proposals


March 7, 2024
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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"Take your nonfiction clients' book proposals to the next level." —Ally Machate, instructor

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Unlike fiction authors, who need a complete manuscript to pitch, nonfiction authors can sell their ideas based solely on well-developed book proposals. An extended marketing pitch, the book proposal is a unique document that any writer of nonfiction must master—and a knowledgeable editor is the perfect person to help.

Learn how house editors and agents evaluate potential acquisitions and what a proposal must contain to get the coveted attention of these publishing professionals. This 90-minute talk will teach you what goes into a contract-winning book proposal, where to find important information such as good comp titles and statistics that strengthen the book’s argument, and how to evaluate your client’s material to ensure you’re presenting the project—and its author—in the best possible light. We’ll cover what kind of information agents and publishers expect to see in a proposal and how to properly organize it for best effect; how agents and publishers evaluate book proposals when considering acquisitions, and what you can do to improve your chances of getting a book deal; and why writing a book proposal will boost your client’s success even if they decide to self-publish. And you’ll learn how to spot indications that the book concept may be flawed, weak, or otherwise less than marketable, or that the author may not have the right or big enough platform for a publisher to take them on.

This webinar is geared toward both nonfiction authors who want to get a traditional book deal and editors who want to offer book proposal editing services.

Ally Machate, founder & CEO of The Writer’s Ally, is a bestselling author and expert publishing consultant leading serious authors toward success since 1999. Ally leverages a background in “Big Five” publishing to lead a diversified team of professionals in helping serious authors to write, publish, and sell more high-quality books through both traditional and independent channels with a variety of services and support.

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