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Working with Indie Authors


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"Learn to create positive ongoing working relationships, use your time efficiently, and be an asset to the indie authors who hire you." —Tanya Gold, instructor

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There are more and more opportunities for editors to work directly with authors, both those who are self-publishing and those who are looking to work with a publisher. Different authors will have different ranges of experience and understanding of the industry. Understanding where they are coming from and what they need can help you make a good initial impression and create lasting collaborations.

With an author-centric approach, this workshop-style course gives you context by showing you where you are in the industry, helps you develop a marketing strategy to target the indie authors you want to work with, and guides you through developing tools that allow you to communicate effectively with prospective clients, pitch your services, and ensure your clients are on the same page as you. You’ll come away from the course with an understanding of what indie authors need from you, new ideas for business practices and marketing, and templates you can use to make your work even more efficient.

The course is made up of short instructional videos and assignments. It is self-study, self-paced, and illustrated with toy dinosaurs.

1: Understand Your Market 

  • A Very Short History of Indie Publishing
  • The Choice Indie Authors Are Making
  • Where Editors Fit in
  • Get to Know Some Indies

2: Connect with Authors 

  • Define Your Dream Client
  • Show Your Dream Client How Much You Rock
  • Reach out to Potential Clients
  • Have Potential Clients Reach out to You
  • What All This Means Right Now

3: Make the Most of Queries 

  • Understand a Project’s Needs
  • Determine Compatibility
  • Price Your Services
  • Pitch Your Services

4: When the Author Becomes a Client 

  • Put Agreements in Writing
  • Give Effective Feedback
  • Foster Ongoing Relationships

This course is open to students at all levels.

Tanya Gold (they/them) is a book editor, writing coach, translator, and literary omnivore. They have been in publishing for about 20 years, and have worked on all kinds of cool books. These days, they work on fiction, memoir, graphic novels, interactive stories, and poetry. They also offer coaching and courses for editors. It has been suggested that they read too much for their own good. This might be true.

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