Our fearless leader Amber Helt is stepping down as one of the co-coordinators for the North Texas chapter. We are so grateful for all the hard work and selfless devotion she’s put into making our chapter such a tight group. Don’t worry, she’s still going to be an active and valuable member of our chapter! Taking her place as co-coordinator is Angie McCauley, who will be leading the chapter alongside current co-coordinator Richelle Braswell.

Angie copyedits and proofreads trade nonfiction books and business communications, with a particular interest in education, parenting, health, food & cooking, and technical content. She addresses issues of language and style so the writer’s ideas and subject matter expertise can shine through clearly. She lives in Allen with her husband and son, and enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, and visiting her other two adult children and their spouses as often as possible. You can learn more about her at AngiesEditing.com.